Package that will simply create a wall like grid with your items.

A simple web app to check which repository that you've starred on Github has been updated recently.

A Google Chrome extension that adds wonderful photos as background instead of the boring white. It makes your new tab prettier while maintaining its main features.

A javascript package that allows you to draw in a canvas HTML element, straightforward to use and extremely lightweight (~6KBs).

An NPM package for Express.js that keep track of the execution time of a page, from the HTTP request to the output in the browser.

A mobile web app made to track excercise timing in gym.

What to Watch is a web app for searching similar movies that you might like based on your suggestion.

Web app made to track the timing of Roshan in Dota 2, a Valve © videogame.

An original project made as a preview of the possibilities of Unreal Engine 4 in the interactive 3D visualization.

An interactive real-time visualization of a one store villa.

Remodel of an apartment in Milan made with Unreal Engine 4.

A 3D scene modelled in 3DS Max and rendered with V-Ray inspired by a great photo found on

Remodel of an apartment close to Milan. Made with 3DS Max and rendered with V-Ray.

Sunny lakeside modeled in 3DS Max and rendered in V-Ray.

Lego Minifigure modeled with 3DS Max and rendered with V-Ray.

Mountain made in 3DS Max and V-Ray with a low poly style.